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Dear University Principal Investigators and Business and Grant Administrators,


The first formal indication that a sponsored project award has been funded is usually in the form of a sponsoring agency Notice of Award (NOA).  This notice is most often sent to SPA’s central email, sometimes sent to both SPA and the Principal Investigator (PI), and occasionally sent to the Principal Investigator only, who forwards it to SPA.  In all circumstances, before the project can begin spending funds, the award must be accepted by SPA and set up in PeopleSoft.


In order to ensure that the PI and his/her department is aware that SPA has received the NOA and has started processing the award for acceptance and set up, to let the PI and his/her department know who within SPA is processing the award and should be contacted with questions, and, ultimately, to help accelerate the award review process, SPA will send the following notification: 



Congratulations!  Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) has received your award, attached. 


My name is ___________*, and I am responsible for the award acceptance process and will be working with you and your department administrator who is copied on this email.


To expedite the award acceptance process I ask that you review and confirm that you are in agreement with the following items as presented by the attached award. If you have any concerns or identify issues you would like addressed, please contact me and I will work with all parties to make the necessary adjustments.


·         Scope of Work (if different that proposed)

·         Award amount

·         Period of Performance

·         Technical Reporting Requirements


I am currently reviewing the award’s terms and conditions and will be in touch upon completion.


Please contact me any time for questions on the award negotiation and approval process at UVM.


I will be in touch with you if questions arise, or if I need additional information from you.


Thank you,


*Member of Award Acceptance team: Jeri, Tina, Julie, etc.



SPA will begin sending these notifications this week.


Otherwise, the process for award review, negotiation as needed, acceptance and set up remains the same.


Please let me know if you have questions or concerns about this notification.



Sonya Stern, MBA



Sponsored Project Administration

University of Vermont

217 Waterman Building

85 S. Prospect Street

Burlington, VT 05405-0160

P: 802 656 1986


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