Here's another one .... a young man inherited a small house (and mortgage) when his father died.  The estate has not been closed but he is the fiduciary and sole heir.  "Someone" has told him that he could get some help with taxes, retroactively, even tho his father's name is on the tax bill and was on the property as of April 1.  Sadly, the father died April 10 and probably didn't even file a tax return, in the prior year he qualified for a significant homestead payment.  No way they can afford a attorney.  It's hard not to help folks like this but this one needs more than I can help with!

Any free legal advice out there?

Diana Peduzz, Woodbury

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This is been a particularly troubled year for these filings.  A homeowner received a check payment from the state for a prebate.  He had apparently filed timely but was waiting for a homestead letter and revised tax bill.  That he got a check was very new to us.  Has this occurred in any other towns?




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