Hey folks.

First, it was great to see many of you at last week's VITA-Learn VT Fest.  Wow was that a lot of information shared in two days!!!

Second, I have an issue where I rename a copier in Google Cloud Print, but after a bit of time (a day to an hour...random seemingly), the GCP name reverts to the name defined on the copier.  I am using a Toshiba e-STUDIO6506AC copier.  Other printers seem not to be affected.  (Process to register the copier is using the Application feature and the e-BRIDGE Plus for Google Cloud Print application within the copier console).

Anyone had/have any similar issues?  Fixes?

Thanks in advance!

Keith Puffer
Technology Coordinator
Harwood Unified Union School District
340 Mad River Park, Suite 7
Waitsfield, VT 05673
Fax: 802-496-6515


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