Not at all our experience (tabs do come off over time but you only need 2 opposing to keep a shell on and can tape them if need be)

We put CBs in the hard shell and then in a soft case not backpacks and yes (bc its been asked before) at least 75% of students use the soft cases (95% 6-8 and 60% 9-12) during the day, and 95% of the students keep the shells on (6-10)

We let them put papers, patches or stickers (not peeled) under the hard shells, so they get a chance to personalize them, which may be why we have had better luck with them being used.

I have not seen but heard of CBs dropped from MS shoulder height and tossed across the room that resulted in no damage bc of the hard shell.

Yes if they fall on a edge the shell itself may become damaged beyond use, but it serviced it's purpose.

I have a collection of unsuitable shells (waiting to be shipped back for recycling) and it has to be under 5% damage rate (the shells not the CBs)

We went to CTL J2 this year and the failure rate (LCDs, MoBo's, batts, etc) has been higher than Acer's, the real issue is they are on the west coast and it takes a long time to send a unit out to the depot, have it repaired and returned.


We used Ipearl covers for a couple of years.  The covers themselves crack on the first drop, protecting the device, but then they won't stay on right, and kids would just stop using them.  Then on the second drop, the device itself suffers.  also, we still had a lot of broken screens while the devices were in backpacks.  The cover does stiffen the screen somewhat, but not enough.  Also, the covers are separate top and bottom covers, which offers no protection to stress on hinges when kids drop them, or just pick them up by the screens instead of the keyboard half of the unit (teachers do this a lot, too, when they want to look at what a kid's doing on their chromebook, and they're standing in front of them).  Plus, the rubber feet of the iPearl cover peel off from lateral stress when they're being stuffed into backpacks, and then the chromebook becomes a very slippery object on a table or desk.  This year we went to a Volume Cases Folio case.  We also switched from Lenovo to HP chromebooks.  Were seeing lots less damage, but it's hard to say if it was the case or the build quality of the chromebook that did the trick.


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