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Next week opens up Hour of Code week and the Agency of Education is hoping to capture some of the exciting things folks are doing at the local level and broadcast, tweet, share, etc. out to the wider world.  I encourage  you to send your activity ideas and school schedules to either myself or Lucie Delabruere over the course of this week.   


Lucie has been doing a great job pulling together some of the active sites and framing them up at this website:  Vermont Thinks About Code

You will find activities, announcements and such there.  That page is also where pics from the week and various connections between educators can be made as they do, create, and explore during the Hour of Code week.


A couple of things to note: 

On December 4th, we have organized an event here at the Agency of Education where we’ll have students teaching some VIP’s and Agency staff how to code.  We reached out to some Central VT schools and hope to have a few students on hand to “teach” the adults about some of the ways coding is done.  We may be broadcasting the event, still working on details, but stay tuned.  This might be something you want to do in your “neighborhood” as well.  Ask your legislators and/or other local officials to join you. 


We are also looking to virtually join together schools who may want to work on activities together.  This need not be anything formal, maybe just two classrooms using one of the tools or apps at the Hour of Code week website and talking about their work.   Just trying to find ways to capture interactivity while students learn coding.   Reach out if you want to try to collaborate in that way.  


Haley Jones, our Communications person here at the Agency and myself would be happy to come visit and bring some attention to any events you have going on.  Give us a little notice and we’d be happy to set something up, perhaps even try to get some press involved, or encourage your local legislators, etc. to come along too. 


Finally, we really want this year to highlight the concept of Computer Science in the schools.  This is a year where the standards and requirements in licensure are up for renewal and we want to try to structure this endorsement so that teachers in various subject areas can apply, much like the Ed Tech specialist endorsement.  So, if there are press opportunities, be sure to bring in Computer Science as a needed area of emphasis for schools.


Thanks and happy coding!






Peter Drescher

State Director of Educational Technology

VT Agency of Education

219 N. Main St. Suite 402

Barre, VT   05641






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