We didn't even really have Okemo on the radar as we were going to make our
annual early season Killington pilgrimage with our 2 for 1 skimag vouchers,
but friends had been to Okemo on Saturday and said World Cup was skiing
great and Noreaster would open Sunday and it was top to bottom. Two trails,
one black diamond and one solid blue cruiser at 1700 vertical feet each
served by a high speed heated six-pack, with top to bottom skiing seemed
like a better day of skiing than on Killington's old school 650' Northridge
triple with all the yahoos followed by a hike back up the walk way to get
downloaded on the gondola. My ski pal was skeptical, but quickly realized
we had made the right choice.

We alternated trails and both were super fun. Nor'easter had some bumps
near the top and great conditions all the way down and World Cup was fast,
fun and long. 6 runs had our legs quivering so we went in for lunch. Had to
kick off the boots and get blood back to the feet. We went back out and
there was hardly anyone around. I think we saw maybe 100 people all day at
most. Never a line and hardly any trail traffic. Lots of open space for big
wide turns or whatever you wanted to do.

Certainly there were a few death cookies and typical eastern man-made snow
conditions, but overall both trails skied well and were a great way to
start the season.

We skied approximately 17,000 vertical feet between 11-3 with a long break
for lunch. To ski that much at Killington it would have taken 26 rides of
the Northridge Triple. We only had to take 10 rides at Okemo! Great way to
break in the MaxPass!!

It was so chill at Okemo. My friend was super stoked we went there. We also
got to enjoy driving through southern VT and saw that Stratton had a huge
snowmaking effort underway, as did Bromley. Nothing going on at Magic.

We did this trip in a huge day trip, leaving our CNY homes at 5:30am and
returning at 8:30pm. Really quite doable and my friend is a real road
warrior doing most of the driving.

I really got to dial in a pair of Nordica Fire Arrow Pros that I got from
Chris Sylvestor and I was quite pleased.

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