Bought a new board/bindings.  Burton Free Thinker 160.  Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Bindings

Been looking for a few years for something that fits my riding style.  Been riding a Rome Anthem for past two seasons and while it is a great board, fast, lively, holds an edge, It is simply an all around board which means not great at any one thing.  Most similar to a Burton Custom X.  Pretty stiff.  Not good in powder. But since it turns very fast, it is good in tight trees and moguls.

The Free Thinker should be a surfy board with a rocker nose for powder but it should still ride NE groomer because of camber under foot. 

One other observation is that if you want to buy certain models of Burton, you have to buy now.  They have sold out of several already.  Most notably they have sold out of the $2000 160 Malolo.  Which is surprising given the price.  $2000 is way more than other boards in their lineup.  Free Thinker is $579. I did get 10% off by buying board and bindings at online shop Erick's Ski Shop.  They are sold out of Free Thinkers 160 currently.

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