It seems like what we need is a tech toepiece that has twisting release capability that can be set by the user.  It doesn’t seem like a difficult design problem; a couple of folks in a garage with machine shop access could design and build it.  It should be simple and not add much weight.  I’d be very interested in such an advance.  I’m very interested in the telemark tech system right now.  

I have a dynafit vertical ST setup and have used it for a couple of years both inbounds and backcountry.  It works great, no problems at all.  I set both upward and sideways release settings on 5.5 on their scales and have had no unwanted releases.  I’ve had 2 wanted releases that were definitely needed..  can’t speak for others but IMHO if the spacing between toe and heel pieces is set properly using the Dynafit spacer, or Lou Dawson’s recommendation of 3 nickels, it functions flawlessly.  

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