Keith you mentioned that you were switching from Mac to Chromebooks for

I'm curious if there is a difference between the teacher/student device on
the teacher device.  And has anyone tried a Pixel or other high end
Chromebook.  Are they worth it?

  The reason I ask is that while I was working directly with students I
wanted to make sure that my device was the same as theirs so I would know
what their issues are and be able to support them.

Ergonomics has always been important to me, but even more so since my work
now has a different focus and I spend long hours on my computer supporting
my online students.  I was having some issues with wrist, shoulder, arm
pain - that went away after I started I switched from a cheaper machine or
Chromebook to a Mac.

Since I live in the cloud,  I think I could use a Chromebook as my main
device if it had a keyboard /tract pad and display that were ergonomically
designed to meet the long hours I spend on a computer.   I find that the
cheap Chromebook I have as my secondary device is challenging for long
spells on the computer.

Just curious if anyone has experience with a Chromebook that has been
designed with ergonomics in mind.    Any recommendations welcomed!


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