Hello all,

I just finished teaching a grad course in central Vermont and the reaction
to the new Sites was two thumbs up, especially with participants who had
struggled with the kludgy interface of the classics site.

They appreciated the clean and simple interface, the ease of customization,
and especially how easy it is to teach to students.  I'm in agreement that
students should be creating their own portfolios instead of pushing out
templates.  One teacher developed a unit to have her upper elementary
students create their own sites--SO much more do-able in the new Sites,
than in Classic!

Hoping Lucie will track down more recent information, but this post about
Sites Updates from May 2017 is the information I shared in my PD course:

Some of the bullet points in the post are already being addressed, for
example, embed code was released just this month.

Lauren, I agree that the publishing issues need to be address--but you'll
see that Google knows that and mentions it in their Update post.

No it's not 'the same' as Classic, but I'm liking this flavor of sites more
and more as a tool that younger students will be able to use since it's
built right into their Drives!



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> Hi All,
> Need some collective wisdom.
> We are currently using Google Sites as our PLP/ePortfolio vehicle.  Most
> have been created over the past several years in the "classic" Google Sites.
> Trying to explore using the New Sites and disappointed by some missing
> features like the inability to copy a site or publish as a template.  We
> also loved the Announcements & File Cabinet pages and are sad that they're
> no longer available.
> Any other Google Site schools struggling with this?  Any solutions for
> using Google Sites on a large scale with students as PLP/ePortfolios?
> thanks for your help.
> Luis
> btw, here's a great resource...
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