Hi all,

The Rutland Robo-Rattlers are a FIRST Lego League Robotics team, competing
at the state championships this Sunday, 12/10.  The kids work from
September to December to design, build and program an autonomous robot
using Lego EV3 bricks, and also to solve a real-world problem related to
the challenge theme.  This year, the theme is Hydro-Dynamics, and teams had
to solve a problem related to the human water cycle.

The Robo-Rattlers decided to tackle the problem of water conservation, and
designed a system of water meters and buttons that track household water
use over time and display it as a series of graphs.  The H2Show system also
helps people to set goals for reducing water use and people can even earn
badges for reaching their goals.  It's like a Fitbit for your faucet!

The kids have designed a survey and would love to have lots of data to
share at the state comp on Sunday.  Please set aside just a few moments to take
their survey

Thanks in advance, and hope to see some of you with your own teams at
Norwich on Sunday!