pertinent updates on this from Google, since yesterday.

"We have identified the root cause and have pushed a fix that we believe will resolve this issue for affected customers. Please note that in order to receive this fix, you will have to manually connect affected devices to a network."

  1. Connect to a network. On each affected device, connect to a network.
  2. Update the policies. Once connected, the Chrome device will automatically fetch an updated Chrome policy, which will resolve this issue. To ensure that the policies are updated, go to chrome://policy and press Reload policies.

Once you complete these steps, the Chrome device will reconnect to the managed WiFi network automatically.


Option A: Create a new open network and instruct users to connect

Option B: Manually connect to an existing open network

Option C: Use a phone hotspot with Open WiFi

Option D: Manually re-enter WPA-PSK passphrase

Option E: Use an Ethernet connection with USB adapter


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