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I have updated my spring course EDCI 325 Coaching and Leading Technology Innovation in Schools  to include leading the way towards meeting new ISTE Student Standards creating Digital Age Learners.   In this course, educators will also be working on projects, readings, discussion that help them build a  professional portfolio that aligns to either ISTE teacher, administrator, or coaching standards. 

I know many of you are doing that already - but why do it alone, when you can be part of a cadre also working on those goals.   And even if you do have the edtech endorsement,  why not refresh by taking a fresh look at your practice using ISTE's latest standards. 

From UVM: 

For the upcoming spring semester, we are offering two online courses for 
 educators, school leaders, and coaches to support leading and  effectively designing instruction using technology that meets the newly adopted Vermont's technology standards/ ISTE Standards.  This series of courses can be applied towards the educational technology specialist endorsement. We encourage you to share this with any of your colleagues who may be interested. Learn more and sign up by visiting: UVM Educational Technology Online Courses

EDCI 325 Coaching and Leading Technology Innovation in Schools 

This online course is designed for educators and leaders interested in coaching and leading technology-rich innovation in today's schools. This includes planning for school and district level, planning and implementing technology rich innovation strategies, and development and dissemination of professional development in local, regional, and global venues. Coursework involves troubleshooting of hardware, software and cloud based systems, as well as web-based authoring and programming tools. Students explore the roles that teacher leaders and coaches inhabit, and how these roles can energize other classroom teachers and build a community of active participants in innovative, technology-rich programs. Students in this course will study the means to foster leadership around the planning and development of goals for their school technology needs. (SPRING)


 EDFS 320 Technology, Schooling, and Society

Explore the influences of technology on schooling and society. Using sociological, historical, and philosophical frameworks, course participants will consider ways that the proliferation and use of information technologies present challenges and opportunities for teachers, learners, and community members. With a particular focus on changing roles due to information access, the course examines issues of equity, cultural diversity, student empowerment, community relationships, and the transformation of traditional schooling practices. (SPRING 2018 or SUMMER 2019)


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