School-IT folks: An article in this morning's EdSurge, a hugely popular EdTech blog out west, had a very good piece from a keynote address from a recent conference. I think it supports the idea that there should be a leading teacher or staff person in a school who knows about EdTech, but that the position will be more and more perhaps not a full-time position.

Eva Moskowitz, the founder of New York City’s Success Academy, said in the article: 

"While that may be heresy, I believe education is a fundamentally a human endeavor that involves motivating and inspiring students to develop a passion for learning. In that sense, edtech is not the answer....While we are re-imagining what’s happening in schools day-in and day out, were are also re-imagining what a district looks like, and how the home office that supports the day-to-day work of schools looks. I think there is an enormous number of ways that we can digitize and automate,” Moskowitz explains...

Understanding the Limits of Education Technology and Risk Taking in Schools

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