Assuming you're using gmail have you looked for any filters in AA gmail settings?


On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 11:11 AM, Keith Puffer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Looking for some help sleuthing on this one...

One of the schools I support has an email attachment oddity that apparently only presents in an intermittent fashion and only between the Principal (P) and Admin Assistant (AA).

P forwards an email with attachment to AA.  Sometimes, the attachment does not show when viewed by AA.  Seems no rhyme or reason as one would suspect.  Factors that we have looked at that don't cause regular un-received attachments:
  • Type of file: May happen with pdf, doc, other...not consistent.
  • Outside/inside of domain: Not consistent on whether original email and attachment is sent from within our domain or outside.
  • Manipulation: Doesn't seem to be consistent whether no action, printing, saving, or other action causes the non-reciept of attachment.
  • Does not present to ANY other users that I am aware of.
  • ONLY presents from P to AA.
  • If P downloads the original attachment then attaches the file to a new email it ALWAYS is received.
P is using updated Chromebook and AA is using new Mac iMac 10.12.6 and updated Chrome browser. This issue has been occurring for some time....  Even earlier when P was using a Mac Book Pro and AA used older iMac, the issue presented itself.

If I could only determine the commonality between failures...OR do you think that something like this could be truly random and inconsistent?  Seems unlikely...?

Thoughts?  What to look at next?

I now realized that I had sent this out once quite a while ago and that no suggestions at that time were a "fix".

I just thought you all could use a little bit of a mental challenge for the day...



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