Hi all,

I work in a school that has a cart of CTL NL61 Chromebooks, bought last summer. Over the past couple or three weeks, teachers have been reporting that sometimes when the kids open the lid, it starts to boot/wake, but then instead of the normal login screen, it shows an odd pattern or tiling:

Inline image 1

(Note that the wifi, battery signal, etc. stuff in the lower right is displaying fine.) When this happens, there's no cursor or text visible. Clicking or mashing keys sometimes causes the tiles to shift around a bit. The only fix is to reboot the thing. It seems to affect any/all of them intermittently (18 total.) We're on version 62.0.3202.97 and we are using device management. 

Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe I should dump the custom background? <- I *think* that's what's being mis-displayed here...it's supposed to be a lake scene with a reflection, but a bit less MOMA than this rendition.


-- MB


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