Dear Claudia:

A couple of ideas come to my mind.  One really engaged agroecologist is Fernando Funes and his companion Claudia who have taken advantage of the recent legislation to give land to anyone who wants to farm is a life-long lease. They have established Finca Marta, names after Fernando's mother Marta who was an agroecologist and died about 8 years ago.  

An institutional group is the Cuban Association of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians (ACTAF) agroecology program which your friends can contact for information.

The key problem is that these and others who I know in Cuba are very busy people who cannot make themselves available to occasional tourists no matter how well-intentioned they may be.  

Still, your friends can write to them now or call these places when they are in Cuba to see if there is any chance they can pay them a visit.



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Two people going to Cuba next month are seeking contacts for visits, especially in the areas of food justice / environmental sustainability /urban ag.  Anyone have contacts for them?

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I would like to piggyback on Julie's request. I am going to Cuba in January, primarily in the Havana and Vinales areas. I am seeking to visit some local agriculture and food justice projects, as well as waste mitigation (worm farms, recycling, other kinds of composting, creative reuse, etc.). I have a rough itinerary which I would be willing to share, but am not having as much luck with getting contact information to plan visits. Any recommendations of not-to-miss things, preferably those with contact information or other kinds of formal connections, would be wonderful.

Thank you all!

P.S. Julie, if you would be able to share your Havana information, that would be amazing.

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Table of contents:

1. [COMFOOD:  ] suggestions of Cuba agriculture/food justice initiatives?
    (Trinidad area) - Julie Nowak <[log in to unmask]>

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Hi all,

I'm a food justice advocate and will be visiting Cuba, primarily in the Trinidad area. I would love to visit some local agriculture/food justice projects while I'm there - can anyone recommend any to check out around Trinidad (or within a couple hours away)? I've previously been to Havana, and saw some of the urban ag stuff going on there.



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