Hi Yaffa,
Is she looking for information about warnings (and information, I assume)
given to patients either before testing, or at the time the test is done:
the blood draw, etc.?  Or even, perhaps, before the patient receives the
Does she supply any ideas of what she already knows to be the "need" for
the warning?   What kind of warning she's looking for:  false
positives/negatives? impact on

In PubMed:  this search might help:
  "Sexually Transmitted Diseases"[Mesh] AND "pretest counseling"

The fifth cite is an MMWR study that seems to look at the efficacy of HIV
testing on identification of partners (pre- and post-status knowledge
identification by subjects).  But most of the few abstracts I looked at are
indicative of possible content, so a lot of reading is likely required.

This search:
( "Sexually Transmitted Diseases/diagnosis"[Mesh] and "Sexually Transmitted
Diseases/transmission"[Mesh] )

retrieves titles such as this:
The Impact of Couple HIV Testing and Counseling on Consistent Condom Use
Among Pregnant Women and Their Male Partners: An Observational Study.

Is that what the second part of the request is looking for?

So hard to know, without a reference interview!


On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 9:33 AM, Yaffa Porat <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Could someone please help me with search terms on the following
> description from one of my lawyers:
> "medical articles on the need for physicians to warn patients of positive
> STD test results?
> ... support for the propositions that the best way to stop the spread of
> STDs is for people to get tested for STDs and for physicians to accurately
> inform and counsel patients when they have positive test results."
> I can't even begin to formulate a search.  Inform? Warn? Counsel?  STD
> testing results?
> Please help me!  Thank you so much!
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