Hi Luke,

We believe this started with the recent upgrades to the CAS certificate and that it is related to users logged in to more than one session in the same browser.  Our experience has been that clearing your browsers cache/history, and closing/quitting the browser resolves this.


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Subject: log-in bonks?

Hello all,

I get a weird thing sometimes when I go to<>

It bounces me to:;jsessionid=1DA83937BE9B4C209EEA7B497C802834?execution=e1s1&_eventId_proceed=1

with the following error message:

[UVM Tower Logo] [The University of Vermont]
ERROR: An error occurred: NoSuchFlowExecutionException

Usually a couple of refresh/reloads puts me at the the site.

Not sure what the hiccup is. I haven't noticed a definite pattern to it. But it's happened occasionally over several days.

Happy to try things to help troubleshoot if it's an issue. If I just need to click my ruby red reload slippers together three times, I'll keep doing that.

Take care,

Luke Donforth, Ph.D. (he/him pronouns)
Lab Coordinator
Physics Department, University of Vermont
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