Dear SharePoint 2016 Site Collection Admins, My Sites users, and IT-DISCUSSers,

In order to support all the cool new features of SharePoint 2016 more fully, we've made a change to the authentication process in SharePoint 2016.

The new process does not use the WebAuth logon page anymore, it uses the same process that we're all used to using in SharePoint 2010: Your browser pops up a prompt for a username (your NetId, optionally with CAMPUS\ in front if it) and password. If you're using a domain-joined Windows machine, you may just get logged right in without a prompt.

GUEST NET (non-UVM) users will need to type GUEST\<guestNetUsername> to get logged on via the GUEST domain.

Please let your users know about the change if you think they'll be confused by it or if they have questions about it.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or issues.