We use Canon copiers.  They are leased, but I couldn't tell you through who.   We print mostly through Papercut, you print to one queue on a Windows server, then go to any copier, log in, it shows you a list of your jobs waiting, then you release one or all of the jobs, and they print.  This cuts way down on people printing multiple copies of jobs if they don't come out right away, and printing jobs where they decide the document needs one more tweak before they even look at the printout, and people can't walk off with each other's jobs, or print and then never come to collect the job. People in SPED can stop worrying about the confidentiality of printing to a centralized resource, too.  Printing to copiers cuts costs a lot, since we pay something like a third of a cent per page, rather than 1.5 cents a page or so a laser printer costs for toner, to say nothing of what inkjet printing costs.  We can give the principal reports on who prints how much (the math department wins the tree killing contest by far).

We've basically banned ink jets, except in graphic arts, and printing to lasers is way down, too.  Perhaps a dozen or so classrooms have given up their laser printers altogether.

The other feature we love about the copiers is a feature called advanced cloud printing.  You can log into Google Drive right on the copier's touch screen, select a document, and print it.  Kids use this all the time, they'll work on a paper at home, come in, walk up to a copier and print it out, without having to pull out their chromebook, go to drive, open the doc, and print it.

As far as service goes, Canon is very responsive to ordinary stuff, copiers jamming, etc, though the copiers are pretty reliable anyway.  We've had a couple of hard drives in them die lately, and it is a challenge getting the Papercut and Advanced Cloud Portal firmware reinstalled, it took weeks for their techs to figure out how to do it the first time, they couldn't find the licence keys, etc, etc.  They got a bit better the second time, but the ACP is still down on that one.  It's not one where that feature got used much anyway, or I'd have read Canon the riot act by now.   They used to have a guy who was a networking specialist, but they decided all the techs should do that stuff, so they demoted him to a regular tech, so sometimes the other techs swallow their pride and call him.

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 7:57 AM, Craig Donnan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
We use SPC and are quite happy, and have saved money through them.  SPC is a copier contract aggregator so they bundle hundreds or thousands of contracts together during a bid process to get top pricing.  They act as an agent for our vendor relationship, offering leverage and problem resolution.  The database they build helps manage notifications and inventory, and provides proactive reporting on usage.

What I'm working on is financial incentives for printing reduction.  I haven't resolved that one, but requiring individual schools to pay for their printing support and showing how they can save money, is a start, so the accountability for cost is felt closely to where the source of the use is.

I looked at Paper Cut to manage printing, and that software's whole objective is to reduce and make efficient the print function, so the jobs are printed to the least cost printer first, etc.  But that solution is pricey, and out of our range.

Our vendors are OSV and National.  OSV has been great, very diligent and dug in when we have had issues, trouble adapting as an organization to new devices.

Our printers are Kyocera, mostly 2135 and 3045's through National.  Our copiers are Toshiba through OSV, and some Kyocera multifunction.


On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 2:39 PM, Dennis DeWeerdt <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Anybody have strong feelings one way or another on your copier company?

Our lease is about to run out and we are looking at purchasing vs. leasing. We are leaning towards purchasing. Also, who would be a good service company?

Thanks in advance for any input.


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