I'm wondering what schools are using for automated calls, mass emails and texting.  We are using Blackboard and are having the same problems that have been reported over the years with calls not going through. 

As we look at potentially replacing Blackboard, I'm looking for additional features that include email and text.  Blackboard has these features but they aren't what we are looking for.  For example our Superintendent would like to send informational emails out to families for communications and not necessarily for more urgent issues.

The best case situation would be one service but it may be to get what we are looking for we may need more than one.  Also, we would want to be able to easily set-up an auto send from our SIS (PowerSchool).

Thanks for any ideas that anyone has! 

Tina Scheindel, Technology Director and Integration Specialist
Orange Southwest Supervisory District
24 Central Street
Randolph, Vermont 05060


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