I think we have dropped the ball on computer literacy. Most students and many (too many) teachers I ask to reboot a computer or even shut it down always reach for the power switch first, Start, shut down and Ctl-Alt-Del is foreign to them as well as many other basic functions of a computer. We just throw some tech at them and expect them to know how to use it and while many can use it if something isn't quite right they have no idea how to figure out what is wrong. I have been pushing for classes on literacy and digital citizenship for several years but no one seems to care outside of IT folks. Most kids I see that have the skills and knowledge either have parents that work or play with computers or have spent time working with me fixing computers on a volunteer basis.

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Hopefully you're not reading this today...   but when you do read it,  I'd love to hear how your school defines or assesses  technology/computer/digital literacy in either students or educators. 

As often happens on January 1 - many of us reflect on the past year and future year.

In this state I found myself  reading a blog post written in 2013 that got me thinking about 'technology literacy'.   

With all the discussions about #futureReady happening in a year filled with leaks, hacks, security/privacy breaches, net neutrality legislation changes, fake news/social media concerns, etc

I'm wondering whether 2018 is a time to take a closer look at technology literacy needs of  our staff and students

Here are my two cents along with a link to Marc Scott's article

I'm sure that my thinking was also sparked by Vermont's adoption of ISTE Standards for Students  and recent conversations related to the educational technology specialist certification. 


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