But intellectually spry and quick—most days. :)


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The ancient, creaking group of moderators are also about to chat about how to manage things – delighted to see a discussion and positive ideas here.




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Yes, I agree! The other list is really an organizing list. I think it makes sense to have a list for discussion of interesting issues, news items, etc. And there is so MUCH to talk about other than conspiracy theories and transcendental meditation.

I'm sorry I'm so overwhelmed with other things I find it hard to engage usefully on email discussion lists, but it is on my list of things I'd like to do... and I'll read your posts with pleasure. :)



On 01/24/2018 08:25 PM, Charles L. SCHWARTZ wrote:



I am with you.


Thank you for speaking up.




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Don't quit!  More of us are believers in science than in imaginary universal consciousness.  Let me appeal to the core Science for the People members to do more posting to the list.  I intend to stick with it.


On 2018-01-23 1:52 PM, Jonathan wrote:

Hello everyone.


Can someone, maybe an admin, help me to unsubscribe?. I can't find a link for that.

I'm not interested anymore in this pseudo-science-for-the-people list.



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Quantum Physicist John Hagelin:

"The universe is overwhelmingly conscious", "your consciousness, my consciousness", it's all one. Everything is just "waves of frequency in this one ocean". "We individualize our consciousness through the filter of our nervous system, but the consciousness itself, our very inner subjectivity ... is universal."

"A wave function (the building blocks of matter) ...... are made of the same stuff that thoughts are made of. We're really living in a thought universe". Smallest particles of matter turns out to be random quantum information particles, influenced by an observer, consciousness. "The unified field is the most concentrated field of intelligence in nature - non material, dynamic, self aware, intelligent ...... pure abstract potential, pure abstract being, pure abstract self aware consciousness".

WARS CAN BE STOPPED if a large enough portion of the population embraces this message of enlightenment!



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