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*Spring 2018*


*A message from the Dean of Students*

The health and safety of the University community is a primary concern. 
As a member of this community, it is important that all students 
understand the policies that establish community standards and the 
resources that are available for support. It is our goal that all 
students be healthy, successful and engaged.

Please review this information carefully and contact the Vice Provost & 
Dean of Students Office if you have questions or concerns.



Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities 

*Student Health & Safety Policy Notice*

Student Alcohol, Cannabis and Other Drug Use Policy 

It is essential that the members of this community recognize that the 
misuse and abuse of alcohol, the use of Cannabis and other Illicit 
Drugs, and the illicit use of controlled substances constitute a threat 
to the educational mission of the University, a violation of state 
and/or federal law and a violation of University policy.

Things to Note:

  * Students 21 or older may consume alcohol on University property or
    at University sponsored events only in areas where the University
    expressly allows the sale or consumption of alcohol.
  * No person, regardless of age, is permitted to possess or consume
    alcohol within the on-campus residential areas of the University.
  * It is against university policy to possess or use Illicit Drugs,
    including Cannabis.
  * If students are found in violation of the Alcohol, Cannabis and
    Other Drug Use Policy, interventions and sanctions may be
    implemented based on the circumstances and severity of the incident,
    and the student's conduct history.


*Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy 

This policy articulates an institutional commitment to individual and 
public safety and to elimination, preventing, and addressing the effects 
of sexual  harassment and misconduct, which includes sexual 
assault, relationship violence, gender-based stalking, and sexual 

Please keep in mind, when a Responsible Employee (including RAs) 
receives information that an incident of sexual misconduct or 
harassment involving members of the University community may have 
occurred, the Employee must notify the university’s Title IX Coordinator 
in the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity for 
appropriate follow-up. Counseling and Psychiatry Services and the 
Victim’s Advocate are confidential services that are available in such 

*Important Resources:*

To report a crime:
Police Services - 911

For Counseling:
Counseling and Psychiatry Services 
<> (CAPS)
(802) 656-3340

For Medical Services:
Student Health Services <>
(802) 656-3350

For Victim’s Advocate Services:
Campus Victim’s Advocate 
Judy Rickstad (located in the Women’s Center)
(802) 656-7892 or (802) 656-9538

To report sexual misconduct and/or harassment:
Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity <>
428 Waterman Building Burlington, VT 05405
P: (802) 656-3368 | F: (802) 656-8223


*Hazing <>*

At the University of Vermont, we encourage all students to get involved 
in and become members of the over 200 organizations, teams, and other 
groups offered on campus. As you look to get involved, please be aware 
that when your participation in these groups is linked with involvement 
in hazing activities, the educational purpose is compromised and can 
endanger the health and safety of you and/or other university community 

Hazing means any act committed by a person, whether individually or in 
concert with others, against a member of the University community in 
connection with joining, pledging, being initiated into, affiliating 
with, holding office in, or gaining or maintaining membership in any 
group or organization that is recognized by the University, including 
varsity athletics teams, and that is intended to have the effect of, or 
should reasonably be expected to have the effect of, socially or 
physically isolating, humiliating, intimidating, or demeaning the 
individual(s) or otherwise endangering their mental or physical health. 
Hazing also includes soliciting, directing, aiding, or otherwise 
participating actively or passively in such acts, and occurs regardless 
of the consent or willingness of a person to participate in the activity.


*Medical Withdrawal 

Students who seek to withdraw from the University because of a physical 
or mental health condition must contact the Dean’s office of their 
School or College to discuss their intention to medically withdraw. As 
necessary, the Dean or his/her designee will confer with appropriate 
campus medical or psychological professionals in order to make a 
determination regarding the student’s request.


*Personal Safety & Security 

In a possible or actual emergency situation, students are strongly 
encouraged to report threats or acts of violence immediately to UVM 
Police Services.


*Discrimination and Harassment 

The University of Vermont strictly prohibits discrimination against, and 
harassment of, its students, employees, and affiliates on the basis of 
an individual’s membership in a legally protected category as defined in 
the University’s Equal Opportunity in Educational Programs and 
Activities and Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action 
Policies. Harassment is illegal under both state and federal law. Campus 
community members found to be in violation of this Policy will be 
subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of 
employment, suspension or dismissal from the University, and/or referral 
for criminal investigation and prosecution under applicable law. 
Complaints about discrimination and harassment and inquiries regarding 
the University's Discrimination and Harassment policy should be directed 

*Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity <>*
428 Waterman Building Burlington, VT 05405
P: (802) 656-3368 | F: (802) 656-8223



Student <>Alcohol, 
Cannabis & Other Drug Policy 

Student Alcohol, Cannabis & Other Drugs Sanction 
<> Guideline 

Sexual Harassment and Misconduct 

Hazing <>

Medical Withdrawal 

Personal Safety & Security 

Discrimination and Harassment 


Students are encouraged to report all alleged policy violations to 
Police Services or the appropriate University Official at any time. To 
understand more detailed options for reporting, please refer to the 
following websites:

Report a Suspicious or Potential Criminal Act 

Report a Concern (CARE Form) 

Report an Incident of Bias, Harassment, or Discrimination 

Medical Amnesty Program 


Counseling & Psychiatry Services <>

Center for Student Conduct <>

Vice Provost & <>Dean of Students 
Office <>

Enterprise Technology Services <>

Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity 

Police Services <>

Student Health Services <>

Sexual Conduct Education & Resources 

Campus Victim's Advocate <>



*Vice Provost & Dean of Students Office*
Nicholson House
41 S. Prospect Street
Burlington, VT 05405

(802) 656 - 3380
(802) 656 - 3467
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