January 22, 2018

To:        UVM Community

From: Wendy Koenig, Director of Federal and State Relations

RE: Cannabis Legislation

Earlier today Governor Scott signed a bill regarding recreational 
cannabis.  This new law does not change UVM’s policies prohibiting 
cannabis on campus.

Cannabis remains illegal under federal law. The University is at risk of 
losing federal dollars, including Title IV financial aid funds for 
students, if we allow cannabis on campus. UVM is not alone in our policy 
of prohibiting cannabis on campus. Universities in Vermont and other 
states where cannabis has been legalized also prohibit cannabis for 
similar reasons.

In addition, smoking cannabis violates our “Tobacco/Smoke Free” policy, 
which is designed to support an environment promoting wellness for all 
on campus. We also are cognizant of the research done here at UVM and 
elsewhere which indicates that even recreational use of cannabis has 
significant negative impacts on knowledge retention and brain 
development of individuals under the age of 29. All of these factors 
support our policy of prohibiting cannabis use and possession on our 
campus. The University of Vermont is not willing to risk significant 
federal dollars, including financial aid money to students, nor risk the 
health, safety, welfare, and educational achievement of members of our 

If you would like additional information, or have further questions on 
the new law, please contact the Office of University Relations and we 
will assist you.