Dear All,

A number of important and interesting topics are being discussed.  Allow me to toss in another one: possible U.S. attack on nuclear-armed North Korea. 

Of course, this is not new news. But its urgency is highlighted by the recent development.  

As the front-page article in the NYT today explains, the decision by the Trump administration to drop Victor D. Cha, a headliner North Korea expert because he had cautioned against a plan to selectively attack N. Korea's nuclear facilities and refusal of the Pentagon to accept such a plan has made it more likely to happen. 

This is also the subject of the NYT editorial. 

Mr. Cha warns of tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of American lives that can be lost in N. Korea retaliation in S. Korea and Japan. Of course, it is characteristic of American policymakers not to worry about other people's lives (they are really not that much worried about American lives either).  But it is our responsibility to speak up against such warmongering. The crisis in Korea is American-made from its very beginning.  We should demand American forces, especially it nuclear arms, out of S. Korea and closing of all American bases around the world. No war against N. Korea!