*Center for
Health and Wellbeing

	February 28, 2018

To:     UVM Students

From: Michelle Paavola, MD, Acting Medical Director Student Health Services

Re:     Peak of the Influenza Season

We are at the peak of the influenza season. Students, faculty, and staff 
should take a moment to review the information below to safeguard your 

*Our No Note Policy:*  In accord with University Policy, Student Health 
Services does not supply notes to verify student illness in order to 
ensure that SHS has adequate resources to care for those students who 
require evaluation and treatment.Faculty are asked to please not request 
a note from students.  Thank you for your help and support of students 
in this regard.

*The best strategy against influenza is prevention!*

  * *If you have not yet received an influenza vaccination, we strongly
    encourage you to do so.*

      o Immunization can still provide some degree of protection even in
        years where it might not be as effective as previous years.
      o Vaccination is especially important if you are pregnant, have,
        or live with someone who has an underlying chronic health
        condition such as asthma, diabetes, or a weakened immune system.
      o Students may call Student Health Services at 802-656-3350 to
        make an appointment to receive the flu vaccine or come to one of
        our walk-in flu vaccine clinics, which take place Mondays,
        Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am -12 pm.
      o Faculty and staff are encouraged to seek the flu vaccine through
        their own provider.
  * *Practice good hand hygiene-*-Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer
  * *Keep your hands away from your face.*
  * *Cough into a tissue or your sleeve to minimize spread of the virus. *
  * *Do not share cups or utensils, drinks, or personal items.*

*For students who become ill with flu-like symptoms—fever accompanied by 
cough and/or sore throat:*

  * *Use acetaminophen or ibuprofen (not aspirin) to control the fever
    and help reduce symptoms.*
  * *S**tay home. *To decrease spread of the influenza virus, remain in
    your room, apartment or house until fever-free for 24 hours without
    the use of fever-reducing medication, unless otherwise advised by a
  * *Get extra rest and drink extra fluids.*
  * *Not everyone with flu-like symptoms requires a medical
    appointment.* For most people, the body will fight off this viral
    infection within a week.
  * *If you are pregnant or have a chronic medical condition such as
    asthma, heart disease, diabetes, or compromised immune system,
    treatment with an antiviral medication should be considered in the
    first 48 hours of illness. *Call Student Health Services
    (802-656-3350) within 2 days of symptom onset to schedule an
  * *Those who are severely ill, need advice, or have questions are
    encouraged to call to speak with a tele-health nurse. Students can
    reach someone for advice 24 hours a day by calling 802-656-3350.*
  * *Communicate directly with your professors* by email or phone to
    negotiate needed absences or extensions due to the flu.