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DATE: February 1, 2018

TO:   The UVM Community

FROM:  Wanda Heading-Grant
      Vice President, Human Resources, Diversity and 
Multicultural Affairs

RE:   Fact-Finding Phase of Bargaining with United Academics

As we communicated in the fall, the University and United Academics 
declared impasse in negotiations on September 12, 2017. Attempts at 
mediation were unsuccessful, and the next step in the bargaining process 
is fact-finding, which begins on February 12.

In fact-finding, both parties will present evidence and data to an 
independent fact-finder, who will make a recommendation after hearing 
the information presented. Following receipt of the recommendation, the 
parties have an opportunity to negotiate further in an attempt to reach 
a settlement. If that process is unsuccessful, both sides will present 
last, best offers on all unresolved issues as a single package to the 
Vermont Labor Relations Board, which will render a final decision.

The University is committed to presenting accurate, comprehensive, 
factual data and information in the fact-finding process. Areas to be 
included will be the University's financial conditions (including 
sustainable revenues such as affordable, competitive student tuition and 
expenses associated with total compensation for faculty), and 
market-based salary and benefits comparisons.

Additional facts about the collective bargaining process and current, 
relevant issues may be found here:

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