On S. Jersey St. in Addison, behind a hog and cow farm on the E side of the
road just north of Country Club Rd., were at least 4 bald eagles, a red
tailed hawk, and numerous ravens and crows.  I could not see the carcass
they must have been feeding on, but there was constant movement of raptors
to and from an area behind a concrete bunker.   In a tree near the road, a
mature bald eagle, a juvenile bald eagle, and a mature red tailed hawk were
all perched together, until a third eagle flew in and scared off the red


In Bridport, 7 snowy owls were located between 4:00 and 5:30 PM.   A dark
owl on a utility pole and a light owl on the roof of a new house were found
on Rattlin Bridge Rd.  A light owl was perched on top of an older type
windmill, right on the top blade, on the NE corner of Rt. 125 and Basin
Harbor Rd.  Three owls were found on Middle Rd., one E of Basin Harbor Rd.
far out on a fence post, one on top of the silo at the farm on the NW corner
of Middle Rd. and Basin Harbor Rd., and one on a utility pole on the S side
of Middle Rd. a third of a mile W of Basin Harbor Rd.  The seventh owl was
found on top of a utility pole on the E side of Rt. 125 near Goose Bay Dr.


If you go to look for snowy owls, make sure you are searching from 4 PM
until dark, because that is when most owls leave their daytime roosts, which
are often on the ground, sometimes in tall grass where they are hard to
spot, and fly up onto poles, posts, buildings, and other higher structures
to get a better vantage point for hunting.   Also, you are more likely to
see owls flying around at this time, pursuing prey, changing hunting
perches, or interacting with other raptors.  I think there are at least a
dozen snowy owls in the Addison/Bridport/Shoreham area, and probably more. 


Ellie George,

Paradox, NY