I still have plenty of Juncos at my feeder and the chickadee numbers have picked up.  Saw my first goldfinch in several days.  I have seen only one tree sparrow all winter and the tufted titmouse is running at their normal number at the feeder.  Overall the total number of birds are down.

Other critters at the feeder are also down.  No chipmunks this year and only an occasional visit by the red squirrel.  I usually have a fair number of coyote tracks through my yard and neighboring fields; have not seen any.  I suspect the mouse and vole population is down also.



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Subject: [VTBIRD] Feeder birds missing again

So all fall the number of birds coming to my feeders was down significantly. Many folk have asked me 'where are the chickadees this year?'  In late Dec on into Jan we saw a large influx of juncos. Then large flocks of goldfinches for a few days.  Now birds are again fewer at my feeders...

Is anyone else experiencing fewer birds at the feeder of late.  Anyone care to speculate 'where have all the birds gone?'

Ruth Stewart
E. Dorset, VT