That is a very similar list to what I saw on RT 22a Vergennes to Rutland/Rt 4 last February 8.  

Also saw 7 Red-tailed Hawks, it seemed like one in every town - Bridgeport, Shoreham, Orwell, Benson, and so on. 

Kay Johnson
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Drove a loop from Middlebury to Dead Creek and back via Vt. 23, Vt. 17, Jersey St, and Vt. 125.

Dark Roughleg are the confluence of Lemon Fair and Otter Creek.  Light Roughlegs ar intersection of 23 and 17 and again on 125 about a mile east of Jersey St.

Snowy Owl about ¼ mile east of Goose Viewing area on 17, on a fencepost at the far side of field on the north side of the road.  Almost completely white!!!!

Winter finches notable by their complete absence – not one.

Bruce Peterson