Sorry I missed you Mark.  I was visiting my new granddaughter in Utah.
The snow was better in VT I guess.

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I wish I was there yesterday as I was bummed that Sunday had to end.
Yeah that real call was entirely too real. Oh $hit.

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Were you at Killington yesterday too?  Bummer you had to deal with a real call on Northstar. 
It was unreal!  16” to start the day.   A lot of deep untracked runs early and good skiing the entire day.  Double Dipper untracked was the ROTD for me.  Devil’s
 Fiddle, OL, Growler woods were all good.   
Snowing early and then blue bird around 1PM.  Now I’m stuck in my cube thinking about Thursday!

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It was a weekend of training and clinicing. Saturday we did a warmup on Superstar and then it was over to Snowden.  We did multiple laps running sleds on North
 Star which was a good thing because that was my favorite trail at Killington.  I got humbled as I found out how much I don't know. 


Then there was the sled run we did after lunch ....... halfway down, the Killington patrol roared past us carrying gear and as we rounded a bend, it was a bad
 scene.  We stopped, I quickly intro'd myself as a visiting patroller to make myself legit and we all hustled in to assist in the incident in the woods just off of the trail.  It was an intense team effort and it was stunning how quickly the patient was evacuated
 - he had to be pulled uphill a bit and the exit was tricky, but adrenaline, teamwork, training and practice powered the scene. It was not pretty and I'll leave it at that. It brought back memories of a terrible incident we worked at Jay Peak while doing sled
 training back in January 2005. Hoo boy, hats off to the Killington Patrol.  Very professional crew.  They did take care of my when I broke my leg on High Line years ago and when I bruised a kidney on the upper Superstar Headwall and in both of those incidents,
 they were very professional.   


At the end of the day, we still had a load of adrenaline to burn off so after we were done with training, we all did some free skiing as the conditions were
 outstanding and we wound up on ...... Somewhere. I started to burn out a bit as I am still recovering from a nasty illness and I'm still not back to being 100%. Great day though. 


Today, I did not get into a sled running clinic that I wanted but I did get into a ski clinic.  Down Ovation we went - dang that's steep - and we covered much
 terrain. East Fall - whoa, I forgot how steep that upper headwall was and the rest has a nice steep pitch as well - a 1 meter dump on that with good stability and that would be perfection. I bummed out over 25 years ago when it was homogenized a bit and had
 snowmaking put on it but we still had a load of fun on it especially since the snowfall intensified. We headed over to Outer Limits as I was reminded of how massive Killington is. Some good bumps were had, but I really started to get crushed near the bottom.
 The clinic ended a bit early, and I sucked it up for more runs as the snowfall picked up and so much was skiing so well.  Big Dipper and Escapade-Cascade were both very nice as I stayed around the Peak and Snowden where snowfall was heaviest. It was one of
 those days where I was bummed that it ended! 


Wow, I was skiing stuff I hadn't skied in over 20 years. I forgot how steep some of the terrain is there! One observation that I had was that the place seems
 aesthetically nicer and I suspect that it is due to more conifer growth that has sprouted over the last 20+ years. 


Mark P. Renson


On Saturday, February 3, 2018 7:26 AM, Mark P. Renson <[log in to unmask]> wrote: 


I'm here! Can you believe it! 


At an NSP Patroller School. Was at Summit Odwyers In last night where some Patrollers were doing Fireballs. WTF? They so need a working
 class New Englander schooling in fine bourbon.  Lame o sunrise here. What I would do to be on a 4000 foot mound of hard a$$ New Hampshire granite right now staring at a killer sunrise. It'll be a great day though. As usual, more later ...... because there's
 ALWAYS more!



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