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When I was working for The Man every day, making the daily trek from my mountain hut to the big city (Burlington, not Bristol), I had Oracle VirtualBox running on my UVM MacBook hosting Windows 10. Win 10 was installed over the network from UVM sources (\\\shared\software\MS-Vol-License\Window)

When I retired, I copied my VirtualBox VM files to my home Mac. This seemed to work, but now Windows is telling me I need to activate my copy of Windows. I read about "Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions” and "Microsoft Select Agreement” which left me just as clueless as before I read about them. 

So, what are my options? Do Retired Staff have any options — free or paid— for running Windows on personally owned machines real or virtual? If so, what is the shortest path to get there? And what’s the deal with Office 365? I read "See” and only saw an error

<Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 1.24.32 PM.png>.

Wesley Alan Wright, Retired
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