Alas, retirees (and emeriti) are not included in the employee count we use for determining our annual licensing costs, so retirees aren’t entitled to Microsoft Office for their personal use. Microsoft no longer provides Windows operating system licenses for personal use, even to active employees. Sorry.  —Geoff


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Subject: MS Windows 10 license activation, VirtualBox, retired staff


When I was working for The Man every day, making the daily trek from my mountain hut to the big city (Burlington, not Bristol), I had Oracle VirtualBox running on my UVM MacBook hosting Windows 10. Win 10 was installed over the network from UVM sources (\\\shared\software\MS-Vol-License\Window)


When I retired, I copied my VirtualBox VM files to my home Mac. This seemed to work, but now Windows is telling me I need to activate my copy of Windows. I read about "Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions” and "Microsoft Select Agreement” which left me just as clueless as before I read about them. 


So, what are my options? Do Retired Staff have any options — free or paid— for running Windows on personally owned machines real or virtual? If so, what is the shortest path to get there? And what’s the deal with Office 365? I read "See” and only saw an error


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Wesley Alan Wright, Retired
UVM Academic Computing Services Legacy Applications Division
Starksboro, VT