Hi Christine,

In Colchester, we are tracking all Act 166 students within PowerSchool. We
create a course for each of the approved providers, with one teacher
assigned per course section. We just set them as 5-day a week courses. I
made an attendance code for NS - Not Scheduled. The providers all enter
their attendance monthly within PowerTeacher. Our Central Office then
processes the attendance and the payments based on the data that we have.
We weren't sure how the reception would be, but this is now our second year
doing it, and the feedback has been positive. The first year we let the
providers opt-in to use PowerTeacher. For this year, all providers were
asked to input attendance in PowerSchool.

It's helpful when the providers see the students listed in their section,
as they reach out quickly when a student is either missing or still listed
after the student has moved. It has really helped keep the information
consistent between the providers and our district for payment purposes.

Michelle M. Devino
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Colchester School District
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On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 3:42 PM, Christine Gibson <[log in to unmask]>

> Do you do data management and state reporting?  If so, please read on.  I
> desperately need your help.  (If thankful :) )
> Because we have so many UPK providers and they have students from several
> different districts, we do not use PowerSchool to track UPK attendance
> data.  Instead, the UPK coordinator tracks it on many, many spreadsheets.
> Although pre-k is outside the scope of SLDS, I have been told that, if we
> want to count these students in our ADM, that we will have to report them.
> There will not be any alternate data entry method for SLDS (nothing beyond
> our SIS) but it will be possible to append the extract files with pre-k
> data.
> So we will need to capture daily attendance data on whether the student
> was present, excused absence, unexcused absence, or "not expected".
> Our SIS could track all of this, but I'd need to make an attendance track
> for each and every possible pre-k attendance pattern (which days they
> expect to attend) and then I'd have to update that everytime a student
> switches schedules.  So that's out.
> So I need a way to track UPK attendance that can eventually end up in a
> flat file that meets the state's as yet unfinalized specifications.  This
> came up in planning for next year, so we have some time.  Still, the
> program coordinator would like to release this ASAP...
> The best I can come up with is a series of connected excel spreadsheets
> ("series" because the preschools will surely resent having one giant
> attendance sheet that starts in August and goes to June).  And then, as it
> will contain student data, I'm not sure how we'd safely/securely move the
> spreadsheets to and from us.
> I was told to stick to full day present/absent codes and not worry about
> reporting partial day attendance if the student regularly attends 10+ hours
> a week.
> What's your district's plan?
> Also, I'd love to know if any of my assumptions are off.  I spent quite a
> bit of time on the phone with the state today, but I very well might be
> missing something.
> Ironically, I could create an Access database in which to track Spring
> census data...
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