We tried running the WRCC and BUHS as separate schools in Powerschool for
the first year we had Powerschool.  It was cumbersome for scheduling, for
attendance, and for grading.  Now, we just run them as one combined
school.  It works fine for us.  80% of the kids who attend the WRCC are
BUHS students anyhow, and even a lot of the student who come from Twin
Valley, LGUHS, Hinsdale, and BF take some BUHS classes because they don't
fit in their schedules at their home schools given the times their WRCC
programs are taught.

We enroll each student from one of these 4 schools in a non-existent, after
school class named after their home school, with a teacher named the same
thing, and give someone in guidance at their home school the password to
that teacher account.  Then that person can log in and see grades and
attendance for their kids any time they want.  Since the advent of parent
single sign on, we could probably set these people up as parents and assign
all the kids to that parent and accomplish the same thing, but we did this
years ago, so we keep doing it.

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> We are currently completely paper as well, but I believe both technical
> centers we send to (Burlington and Essex) are both PowerSchool schools. It
> would be great to be able to connect somehow!
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>> Our high school and career center are both on PowerSchool but our data
>> flow back and forth is entirely on paper.  I'd like to change this.
>> Do you transfer data electronically?  How?  SFTP?  SIF?
>> I'd love to hear what others are doing.
>> Thanks
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