Can we get a solid push to upgrade from Windows 7? We won't be able to pilot many of Microsofts newest tech on this OS....

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Subject: Microsoft Demo Day-- April 9, Barre VT

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Monday April 9, 2018  Microsoft Showcase Agenda
VT Agency of Education, 219 N. Main St. Barre VT.
3rd Floor Conference Room #304
"Drop-in" visits are welcome-stay all day or choose one portion
Overview: Microsoft's Education Team is pleased to showcase their latest Educational Technology Solutions that assist in the personalization and proficiency-based learning for students. In addition, the latest in device management and deployment will also be showcased.                           REGISTER for the event here<>.
Agenda Items:

  *   8:30 AM - 9:30 AM -  Using "Coding to Learn" for Mastering STEM Proficiency-based standards - Students should be given an environment in which they can work and learn naturally through multiple modalities. Maker education, design thinking, and problem-based learning provide an environment in which students of all abilities can innovate, solve real problems, and engage in content in new ways. Theme: Creating and consuming content confidently.  Products: Minecraft: Education Edition, CodeBuilder, digital inking, Hacking STEM, MakeCode, Office 365 accessibility tools, Paint 3D
  *   9:45AM - 11:15AM - Microsoft's Learning and Accessibility tools for students struggling with Reading, Writing, English Language Arts and Special Education Students - In the United States alone, 73% of classrooms have readers that span 4 or more grades, 72% have students with specialized learning needs, and 52% of classroom with students new to the country and still learning the language. Windows and Microsoft Office, makes it easier to see, hear, and improve student outcomes by making the computer easier to use.
*         Teachers: adaptation tools at their fingertips that don't require extra funding and can be implemented immediately.
*         Students: independence, less attention focused on their disability, and no delay in getting the materials they need that oftentimes interrupts their learning.
Theme: Universal Design for Learning (Accessibility): Meeting the needs of our diverse learners in an inclusive classroom. Products: OneNote (Learning Tools), Windows 10 and digital inking, Windows compatibility with peripheral devices, Office 2016 (accessibility checker, templates and fluent fonts)

  *   11:15AM - 12:45PM - Microsoft TEAMS, One Note and Office 365 for Problem Solving, Communication, Critical Thinking and Collaboration - Collaboration skills ranks high on the lists of 21st Century requirements in schools and business. Collaboration used to mean sharing hand-written notes and phone calls at specific times. With Teams, OneNote Class Notebook, and Office 365, however, collaboration can happen across schools, at any time - in real time, and with no need to pass around paper copies of materials. Theme: Single hub for collaboration and creation. Products: Teams, OneNote Class Notebook, Office 365.
  *   1PM - 3PM - SHI and Microsoft Store Device Bar with live demonstrations, including Intune device deployment and management, Power BI for Data and Analytics etc.
Sign up will also be available for free Microsoft in the Classroom sessions. Device pilots and POCs for Minecraft, Intune for Education, Deployment and Management of devices etc., and Education Customer Immersion Experiences.

Peter Drescher
State Director of Educational Technology
VT Agency of Education
219 N. Main St. Suite 402
Barre, VT   05641


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