Hello all:

This Friday, March 30, is the annual 3D Vermont competition. This is an invitation to any school personnel with students that might want to attend as guests.   


This is a great opportunity to see what the competition is all about.  Maybe you can then think about a team for next year.   This is one that combines History, STEM Learning, and Architecture.   An exciting day and lots of great student energy. 




Held at Vermont Technical College, Judd Hall, Randolph VT.  Exit 4 on I-89   Parking indicated by signage.

Time:  8:45- about 1PM.  Best time to see team work.. between 9:30 and 11:30. 

Food, logistics:  We have food for teams, but cannot accommodate guests in terms of food. Cafeteria is reasonable and can accommodate you and your team mid to late morning.


If you come as guests, please check in with me, Peter Drescher when you arrive so we have a sense of how many guests are on hand.  We’ll make those that come especially welcome and encourage teams to answer any questions you might have. 


Thanks.. hope to see some of you on Friday in Randolph!









Peter Drescher

State Director of Educational Technology

VT Agency of Education

219 N. Main St. Suite 402

Barre, VT   05641






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