Good morning, all,

This has been an ongoing problem since we opened our library on our main
campus. We have found when we don't "charge" for printing there is
tremendous waste - paper and toner.  At one point we were going through 7 -
8 ink cartridges and reams of paper each week and for a small school that
was very problematic.  A few years ago we installed a print management
system which has helped a lot.  We've experimented with how many "free"
prints we give each student every quarter.  We've had to address many
questions/issues - should certain programs get more free prints?  Should we
charge for additional prints?  If so, how much?  If purchased prints are
unused at the end of a quarter, can they be carried over?

My suggestion - write a formal policy concerning library printing.  I'm
happy to send ours if you are interested.

Our existing policy - every student receives 500 free prints per quarter.
When used up, students must pay $5.00 for 250 additional prints, $10.00 for
500 additional prints.  We extend "courtesy printing" all the time ... it
is not our intention to make money on printing.

Enjoy your day!

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> We charge in our library. It's 10 cents a page but if they print double
> sided, it is 14 cents for both sides. They are given a $50 allowance in the
> beginning of the semester and after they spend the $50 they have to pay for
> it themselves.
> If you don't want to charge, you might have to limited printing to school
> work only.
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> Dear Group,
> We have free printing in our library, and we have noticed an increase in
> wasted paper (printing personal emails, coupons, blank PowerPoint slides,
> etc...).
> I'm curious to see if other libraries have this issue, and what may be
> some possible solutions, if any.
> Thanks!
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