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A patron has requested a chapter from Science of Synthesis, which is a large reference work published by Thieme Chemistry. It is available in electronic format as well as print. My first question would be, does anyone know if ILL lending is allowed for the eBook version? I found some records for the volume in need in print on OCLC, but they are all overseas, and it looks like this chapter is at least 200 pages, so a scan seems out of the question.

If anyone has access to this work, and would be able to loan the following chapter, please let me know. I can pay up to $25 and submit a request via Docline or OCLC.

Neier, R. et al.: 2002
Science of Synthesis, 12: Category 2, Hetarenes and Related Ring Systems
 DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-012-00002
Product Class 1: Pyrazoles

Thanks in advance!

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