Where's Bruno? (and others) Late-changing plans put me at Stowe Sunday. Highlight was an early afternoon Bruce run with conditions about one ton better than I’ve ever encountered there. Kept expecting to see Bruno and K come charging through, but no. Did not see a soul til I reached the xc trails. Meanwhile, snowpack was astonishing for late March. Maybe 5 bare spots on entire trail? Weather was late March lovely. And snow surface was excellent spring (not yet corn) conditions. Edgeable, no ice, and yet slick and fast on the slower flats where you needed it to be. No socializing, but other than that, I have never had so much fun skiing the Bruce. Primo.

This trip, aka my season, has been well-timed. Conditions with Wes at SBN on Friday, with Ben at MRG on Saturday, and solo at Stowe today have gone from good to great. Will push my luck tmw. Not sure where. Maybe K?


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