For those of you who purchase Chromebooks from CTL: What I am being told is that Chromebook factories are projecting an issue with producing and supplying the incoming demand for Chromebooks in time for the start of the school year. What we have done in the past is provide a letter of "intent to purchase" to CTL and they have secured our order. I'm told this won't be possible this year. The solution they are requiring, is to provide a PO in advance (as in immediately). If we were to do this, we would be breaking numerous procedures (according to our BM). Is anybody else being told this? If so, how do you intend to handle this?

I'm told this factory delay will not only affect CTL, but essentially every Chromebook reseller out there regardless of the make. 

Philip Hayes
System Administrator
Harwood Unified Union School District
(802) 583-7957


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