Perhaps I should have been more specific in my initial post, and I apologize if what I stated was an over-exaggeration. It is not my intention to throw shade on CTL, as they have been amazing. I simply wanted to know if others were now in this position, and what they are doing to overcome the projected inventory shortage. 

So Specifically:

We are anticipating purchasing X number of NL61 Chromebooks. For this model, CTL has notified me that due to demand and the limited supply that the factories can produce, that "letters of intent" will not guarantee that inventory will be available and deliverable in time. It is now first come, first serve. To guarantee our order we need to provide a PO as soon as possible. Admittedly I am not well versed in budgetary policies, rules etc... So in my limited experience I would have assumed we simply provide a PO, with provisions that payment and delivery not be made until July 1st. My Business Manager advised me that because we haven't rolled our budget over to FY 18-19 yet, we can't provide a PO for purchases for that year until we do. I was also given the impression that we can't roll it over until a certain time. 

So for now, we plan to roll over the budget as soon as we can, and submit the PO at the earliest we can. Maybe this will work, maybe we will have to wait for our inventory to arrive later than expected. 

I was simply wondering if anyone else was in the same situation, and what solutions, if any, you would have to overcome this. 

On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 11:52 AM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear All

Specifically relating to CTL at the bottom ...

TTF did indicate that prices have gone up bc of demand from phones and CBs taking up capacity on flash/RAM/SSDs, etc but they had no heard of but would check on  avail issues.

This does remind me of the early CB days way back when you had 2 models to chose the Samung or the Acer and you took what you got bc there wasn't much to go around ...



This is an over exaggeration from whoever sent this out. There is current product that is approaching end of life that we have been selling for the last few years. Production is being cut back on this product, as our new models are going into production. We are not taking letters of intent on the current product because we can't guarantee we can fill them. 

We have stock on all current product right now, but we are requesting PO's to allocate and ship what we have available in stock right now. This will in no way affect our new models that we will begin to receive in the late May/early June time frame and throughout the summer, and people can pre-order our new product now, or issue PO's for our current line as long as stock is available.

Thanks Raymond, and please help clear this up with people you talk to.

Gary Welk
General Manager of Sales
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