Are you doing innovative and awesome things at your school and/or within your communities? Dynamic Landscapes is looking for students from around the state to showcase their work! During the first day of the conference, Monday, May 21st, students will be given the opportunity to share their work with hundreds of educators and leaders at a student innovation fair.

The innovation fair will allow students to deliver demonstration-style presentation in a multibooth location over the course of two hours. This format involves interacting one on one or with small groups. Standard set includes a table with chair. All presenters and participants are required to bring their own laptop or device, large screen monitor, cables, poster boards and power.

$200 prizes will be awarded to the most creative and engaging presentations.

Students also have the opportunity (not required) to present a 3 to 10 minute “Ted-talk” style presentation.

Please note, there must be 1 registered adult accompanying every 4 students.

For more information please visit our submissions form

To learn more about the Conference visit

Patricia Aigner
Director of Technology
Rutland City Public Schools
6 Church Street
Rutland, VT 05701


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