This May 4th event sounds like a great place to converge!  I'm putting it
on my Calendar!  Anyone else going?

Also,  I love the idea of us discussing this amongst ourselves (perhaps

I was trying to figure out what the May 2 launch was mentioned earlier in
the article.

Senior Microsoft developers, UVM education faculty on hand for launch event
Senior representatives from Microsoft will keynote the May 2 launch
session, sharing insights
on how new technologies are creating 21st century opportunities, including
in education. John
Downes and Kieran Killeen of the UVM Tarrant Institute for Innovation in
Education will also be
part of the event, along with Lea Ann Smith of the Essex STEM Academy, Ann
DeMarle of
the Champlain College Emergent Media Center, Michael Stone of the
Chattanooga-based Public
Education Foundation and Scott Turnbull of US Ignite.

On Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 8:54 AM, Tim O'Leary <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> “The question we want to ask is: How does high bandwidth connectivity help
> educators reimagine the concept of education in the 21st century?” said
> Dennis Moynihan, executive director of BTV Ignite. “The goal is to use
> technology and fast networks to spur engagement and learning.”
> See attached press release:
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