Announcement  from John Kohn 

    I’m happy to announce this year’s call for nominations for this years Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering (VASE) 
Paula Fives-Taylor Outstanding Teaching in Science Awards . Each year we award two ‘Teach of the Year Awards’ .. One for K-8 and one for high school .

Do you know a Vermont  science teacher who’s turned kids on to science  in some amazing way  ?  Please nominate them for this years award.. it’s very easy to do.. Just check out

The winning teachers each get a nice cash award, a plaque and an invite to attend our Fall meeting.. which is a blast. We have lots of kids and teachers there showing off what they've done with our VASE Equipment and HOST grants. 

Please help us spread the word.. Nominations are due May 31, 2018 !

thanks so much !

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