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Quick update if you submit to USDA on how to budget fringe in USDA and USDA pass-through proposals. 


Moving forward SPA will no longer be using the USDA specific fringe for proposal budgets submitted to USDA or receiving USDA pass through funds. We previously reduced all approved fringe rates by .09 to account for the tuition remission piece of the regular employee fringe rate in order to ensure we would always be in compliance with potential restrictions on tuition remission that can accompany USDA funds. In order to simplify the proposal preparation process for business units across campus, we have decided to use one set of fringe benefits rates across all sponsors. We will continue our current practice of invoicing the reduced fringe rate on awards to USDA sponsors if a proposal is awarded.   


If you have any questions regarding this update I’m happy to provide further details.





Advanced Notice for your planning purposes:  I will be on vacation starting May 21 returning to work on June 4.

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