Hello birders!

A lot of birding programs coming up here at the North Branch Nature Center
in Montpelier, including a four session Birding Basics Class (see below).
We have bird walks from here at NBNC to as far away as Spain! You can find
dates, prices, locations and more details on our website…

*Birding Basics Class *
Four sessions: April 29th, May 6th, May 20th, June 10th
Become a better birder! In this class, you’ll develop a breadth of
knowledge and skills to better appreciate Vermont’s common and
not-so-common birdlife. Identify species from sight and sound by
scrutinizing field marks and decoding birdsong. Understand avian ecology
and interpret behavior by exploring a wide range of habitats and natural
communities. Participate in Vermont bird conservation by immersing in local
avian research programs. Whether you are a backyard birdwatcher ready to
expand your knowledge, or a passionate naturalist seeking a fun new
approach to field ornithology, this course is the perfect primer for better
birding in Vermont. A total of 20 hours of instruction. Limited to 10

Cheers, Chip

Chip Darmstadt, Executive Director

North Branch Nature Center

(802) 229-6206 <>