Greetings -

We have a very BIG problem with woodchucks at our farm. Right now- he’s eating all brassicas in our early planting in the hoophouse. He’s wiped out our tomato and flower seedlings every year as well as a number of field crops. 

My hands are incredibly tied because we are on a college campus. “He” and all his family members are wiping out the farm earlier and earlier each year. And, they’re upping their game, eating the buds of the fruit shrubs and the bark of the fruit trees. 

We are seriously at risk of loosing it all. We have a great big huge fence that keeps out deer and thus all his natural predators. 

I need some very practical solutions -read: deterrents - fast. 

We are beyond a have-a-heart. Not only have they figured it out, they could care less about the bait (melon and kale seedlings) because the row crops are easier. Mind you, they are surrounded by an electric fence that puts out 4000kV. 

I’m looking into coyote urine. Does it work? Is it real animal pee? Is it obtained inhumanely? I would apply to sponges not directly to soil or plants. Other suggestions? I can’t discharge a weapon. 


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Merrill was a long-time vegetable and berry grower, VVBGA Member, and a kind soul. I recall him telling me he started his East Montpelier Farm in 1964. If you have stories or thoughts to share about him please send and I will collect for this list and his family.